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How would you feel if instead of being apologetic about your English Skill (SORRY MY ENGLISH IS VERY BAD) 

You can feel good about how you speak.  You should feel great learning a new language and becoming better each day.  

But, many students are “stuck”.  They can not see or feel the improvement or progress.  Often they haven’t got a teacher who really cares about their learning.  Speak English Today Cares!

Imagine waking up each morning knowing what you must do to keep improving, and having a fun method to learn.  Imagine making progress daily.

How great would it be to get rid of all your Bad English Habits.  We help you know your bad habits and help you get rid of them and sound great.

Speak English Today offers you FOUR ways to begin to improve your English the Right Ways.

I have been teaching people English as a full time passion.  I’ve been fortunate to work with students from over 15 countries in person and online.    After thousands and thousands of hours of hours teaching I have developed some great ways to help you learn English.   Feedback and testing results from thousands of students identif what works and what is most effective.

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Let Speak English Today Help You Improve English:

  • Be Confident Speaking English
  • Improve English Pronunciation a LOT
  • Pass Interviews Needing English
  • Score High on English Tests  
  • Study Abroad in the USA


Resources – Courses – Lessons

  • Resources: You can find the ways our students have told us help them the most.  Proven ways to have better pronunciation, become more confident, pass the interview, or score high on tests.  Checkout the sites and find gret free information.


  • Courses: Pronuncation Evaluations and F1 Visa Question Courses are Free.  Our other courses are developed with clear information so you can self study.  These are very inexpensive.  You can also include email support as an upgrade, and even include skype lessons to help you one on one.   


  • Lessons: The best way to learn is to have a clear idea of what to do and to practice and do “it”.   Our lessons are clear, have measurable goals, and we always want to help you reach your goals.

 English Pronunciation Evaluation 

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Which is the best way for you to learn?

♥ Learn with all the great free information on our websites.

♥ Enroll in a Low Cost Self Study Course.

♥ Upgrade one of these courses to include email spport or Online Lessons.

In all my classes and with all my students I feel it is my responsibility to “understand how they learn”.  

Improving and getting better is the point right?  I try and give students goals I know they can acheive.  I use methods to measure their progress.  After they acheive their goal or goals they feel great and are happy.

 Remember in the beginning when I was talking about people thinking they are “very bad at English”.  After studying with me they know they are improving and getting better.

 They realize they are learning and it is a process.  Maybe they aren’t as good as they want to be but they know they are a little good and getting better NOT Very Bad!

In order to become better you need English Learning Goals.

 Your goals should be measurable and easy.

English Hot Tip

Read out loud for 20 minutes a day.  I know you will say but my pronunciation isn’t good, or my family will think I am crazy!.. Do this, start today,

I guarantee your English will improve in as little as a month.

A Great Way To Speak Better

Another very important part of getting better is to practice and use your voice and speak out loud.  Many students do not want to talk to their freinds because they only want to talk to native English Speakers.   Everyone must talk as much as they can and make it fun.  

 The main reasons not to talk to your family or freinds are:  

⊗ They may make fun of you.  

⊗ You may learn bad habits.

⊗  They are boring or you are boring.  

⊗ It’s more difficult to talk in English.

That is why I made this long post about how you can study and talk to people everywhere in the world, and at home.  Working with others (collaborating) is one of the best things you can do and I give you many ways to find others to talk to for free in the following posts.

Talking about free ways to learn and practice

English with people all over the world.

Collaboration means to Cooperate


Social Networks and Learning English Click: Collaboration Post Great Post about Free Ways to Practice ESL Students Help Each Other Online

When you get discouraged or don’t know what to do. Try looking at this graphic and doing one of these things.  They are all easy and will ake you feel better.  

Remember this graphic.  Simple things can help us a lot.  We have to feel good about learning English in order to continue and try our best.  

 You can also see More About Our Methods Here

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  1. Murtesa on July 3, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    My name Murtesa, I am student at Haramaya University Model School in Ethiopia. I have applied to American high school to attend grade 12 after a get tgrough kg-11 at my privous school and they accepted me and send me an I-20. Now i am preparing for f-1 visa interview and i want to enroll f-1 visa interview that you offer and make sure i am qualifed enough. please i have already schudled an appointment and please contact me soon as much as you can
    My Skype:-Murtesa Ahmed

  2. Perry stone on April 22, 2016 at 7:39 am

    I need help about f1 visa interview

  3. Speak English Today on March 4, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    Learn English the right ways! Pass the F1 Visa Interview the first Time! Ask a question and I will try and answer and help you.

    • Perry stone on April 22, 2016 at 7:44 am

      I need f1 visa to study in USA ( flight dispatcher trading ) I heed help about how to interview will look like or how the interview will go.

      • Speak English Today on April 22, 2016 at 11:49 am

        When is your interview? Have you got an I-20?

        • Perry stone on April 22, 2016 at 12:02 pm

          I just pay for the processing fee and waiting for the I-20 forms before I book appointment for the f1 visa interview so now I want to plan ahead before the interview date.
          Thanks for asking.

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