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Speaking English Hot Tip Collaborate

ESL Collaboration Info Graphic

ESL Students Learn More Together In this ESL Collaboration (Working Together) you will learn: Why working with other ESL students is more fun and easy to do. People who study English are  positive people wanting to improve. Playing games online can teach you English. (not always good English)   Teamwork is more fun and you…

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Advice: Studying ESL Online

Improve English Speaking

At Speak English Today where you  will talk talk talk……and Have Fun You must think about many things Before you buy ESL Lessons Online, study with an ESL teacher to improve your Spoken English, or spend your time or money studying online. Your studying should include: 1. Learning all four skills.  Especially Listening!  2. Lessons…

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What’s Speak English Today all about?

Kevin Founder Learn English Online the right way. How to Score High on IELTS Exam Learn IELTS the Right Way, Understand IELTS Scoring ESL Coaching and Mentoring ESL Coaching and Mentoring from a funny, kind, serious, demanding coach. Skype Chat Lessons Learn English on Skype using You Tube videos and Google docs If you would…

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Be Confident

Be strong and confident when speaking

You Can Speak   But you talk to quiet…..  You are afraid…….You need to be              Confident Students know vocabulary.  They can repeat anything easily.  They also can follow a script from a book and have a conversation.Most of my students lack confidence when speaking English.   Many have notebooks full…

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Video: Don’t be Lazy

My message to you:  Be Confident, Have Fun If you make a mistake, it is not important. When I was making Don’t be Lazy Video I  was thinking of fun imagery to imagine in my mind when I get shy and do not want to speak.   When I say the word “shy, it also…

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