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Do you know if you will pass the Interview and get an F1 Visa to Study Abroad in the USA?  Do you know if you will get a 214(b) ReTere jection and have to return for another Interview? 

I can tell you that the 2nd interview is much more difficult.  Many services say “no problem” you can take the F1 Interview again. This is true however you MUST have Additional Reasons to get an F1 Visa.

Students applying for a visa to study at a school in the USA fail the Interview at the Embassy for several reasons.  Some fail because they are unqualified.

 Others, MANY others fail because they are not prepared.    Useful LInks for official USA Government websites can be found on the bottom of this page.   Good Luck!

Are you a student who gets a visa or a 214(b) rejection infographic

This F1 Visa Evaluation Course Will:

  1. Identify – Your F1 Visa Chances  
  2. Tell You -= Your Big Problems
  3. Make Sure -=Your Have Paperwork
  4. Test Your -= English Skill
  5. Advise: -= Can You You Pass.
Think of the situation like this: Your First Interview you must prove you can pay for school and will return home after studying. The Second Interview you must prove the first (which you failed), PLUS prove that you have more information to show.

Look at what the official USA Government says:

Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Once an officer has determined that an applicant does not qualify for a visa, 

the applicant should not re-apply unless:

there are significant changes in the applicant’s circumstances

or there is information which was not presented during the first interview.

Applicants wanting to reapply need to schedule a new appointment and pay the fee again.  Sometimes you must file a new DS-160 depending on your Embassy or Consulate Office.  

Applicants providing the same information a second time after a previous refusal will be highly unlikely to succeed in obtaining a visa during the second interview.  

No New Information or Documents = Fail

Students should allow for 2-4 days for the F1 Visa Evaluation and “Mock Interview”.  This will allow time for the students to answer the surveys and questionnaires and meet online to have a “Mock Interview”.  

Some students in a hurry have finished the Evaluation in less than a day.   These students have a problem if they do not pass the mock interview because that leaves little time to prepare better and improve.

F1 Visa Home Infographic 1 Be prepared for F1 Visa Interview Infographic f1 visa is part preparation

The Interview is very important in your life.  How can you prepare for this big event?   

  1. Know about your reasons to study.  
  2. Understand your finances.  
  3. Why will you return home?
  4. All about your school and living conditions.
  5.  What you will study.  
  6. Why you will return home.
Beet way to Prepare for F1 Inforgraphic

Since this is your first F1 Visa Interview,

           you have probably read a lot online.

Still, you are not sure what to expect.


I do not think everything you hear is correct.  I hear the craziest things from students.  Lying about family in the USA.  They already know.   Students with fake financial papers, or a story about someone who will pay or guarantee to pay.  Why would someone outside of your immediate family pay?   Bank accounts that all of a sudden have a lot of money.  Where did the money come from?   Students who studied art all of a sudden entering a STEM program for engineering.    Students getting accepted to study ESL for 1` year telling the Visa Officer they will study their Masters.   Whatever you say during your interview, it has to make sense. Training, Coaching F1 Interview Practice Infographic An I-20 is not an F1 Visa


I-20 Very Easy to Get  

F1 Visa  = 214(b)  or Pass? 


Contact Me For Help passing the F1 Interview Important and Official Government Links for F1 Visa Applicants:   U.S. Department of State / Bureau of Consular Affairs :  This is the is the main source of definitive information regarding all international education.  The website is well organized and easy to use.  It is also written using easy English.  The information may be more general as far as how to answer specific interview questions so you will need to use other resources that try and figure out what they want you to say exactly.  Besides for that the site is comprehensive and has everything you may need. Home Page How to Apply for an F1 Visa  Fees Required Documents A – Z Index of the Site Another useful site is Customs and Immigration website.  This relates more to when entering into the USA and getting your I-94 which is exactly how long you can stay.  This is given to you when you enter the Customs window at the arrival airport.. ICE  = Immigration Customs Enforcement    Many students want to work and do other activities.  These are regulated and you must have permission to work.  The Department of US Citizenship and Immigration Services is a useful website which is part of Homeland Security for you.   USCIS  Lastly, in order to find a USA Embassy near you you can go to the Official  USA Embassy Website  At the bottom of the site page for the embassy there are links to regional embassies:
navigation pic of embassies of the world for USA Gov.

The pic is terrible but you can see  the links to regions on the bottom of the page.For US Embassies around the world for USA Gov.

This is cool: A link to find any Embassy for any country in the world!  Embassy Worldwide    


  1. teja on August 5, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    2nd interview
    Afternoon 1pm August 1st
    Me : good after noon
    Vo : good after noon….
    Vo : I think you have taken your interview recently
    Me: yes mam it’s on july 13
    Vo : (she was typing something) asked who took your interview?
    Me : (Embarrassed) it’s visa officer I don’t know his name mam
    Vo : okay okay what changes you made
    Me : financial documents
    Vo : okay what is the difference between electrical and electronics?
    Me : yes mam in electrical we do not control the flow of current in electronics we control the flow of current using elements like transistors resistors capacitors..
    Vo : interrupted okay what subjects you are going to take
    Me: wireless sensor networks, communications lab
    Vo : interrupted In that what are you going to take
    Me : wireless sensor networks
    Vo : what is it explain
    Me : (shocked and thought how do I know about that subject and felt I was meant to learn after reaching university) it deals with networking linked to my undergrad studies it consists routing…blah blah
    Vo : what is your father annual income 6.85 lakhs
    Vo : okay you are rejected I don’t think you have a change
    Me : I request supervisory review
    Vo : do you think I am not correct
    Me : no mam but I felt like I didn’t represent my case properly my fault ( I knew I did better than before and I can but unfortunate with the decision)
    Vo : sorry leave otherwise I will call security…. next one please come front

    • Speak English Today on November 17, 2016 at 5:28 am

      Hi Teja, i am sorry about the rejections however i can see yo are focusing on your answers. I believe there is a deeper reason and probably other reasons for your failure in paperwork, choice of schools and possible your performance or attitude. .Please let me know what you think you need at speakenglishtodayblog@gmail.com.

  2. Amit Singh on May 3, 2016 at 4:23 am

    How to contact u please tell me….

      • ishaq on November 16, 2016 at 1:50 pm

        Hello sir,
        I m going to have f1 visa in Kabul.I need guidance.I have all the requirements.how can u instruct me for it?

        • Speak English Today on November 17, 2016 at 5:16 am

          Hi Ishaq, I hope you are lucky. It seems F1 Visa Approvals are easier this month, perhaps due to recent elections. There is no science behind this statement, just what some advisers are noticing. I can offer you coaching, mock interviews, an F1 Course…..Please let me know what you think you need at speakenglishtodayblog@gmail.com.

  3. Speak English Today on March 4, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    The Best F1 Visa Evaluation. Contact us today to pass the F1 Visa Interview the 1st time!

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